Hiking, Campfire and Party in Verchen

Class trip report – Reiseberichte Klasse 6a

On Monday we arrived in Verchen. Then we ate pasta. After lunch we had time to make our beds. Afterwards we went to a trip into the forest. In the evening we went on a night-walk with torches. On Tuesday we ate breakfast and had a photo rally. When we went back we went to a lake, it was funny! On Wednesday we went canoeing. It was hard but also funny. At the evening we had a party, that was so nice! On Thursday we built a raft and went on the lake. Then on the last day, we drove back home. This was a really nice class trip.


Our class trip to Verchen

On Monday we arrived in Verchen after four hours.  First we had lunch, it was yummy. Then we went on a hike and after dinner we went into the forest with torches. It was interesting. On Tuesday we went into the marshland, that was interesting. Then we went to bed dog-tired. On Wednesday we had a cool tour: we went canoeing. It was on the Peene. That activity was fun. In the evening we had a party. On Thursday after we got up, we went hiking. We collected wood for a campfire. When we were back at the youth hostel, we had lunch. Afterwards we went to the lake and built a raft. It didn’t last long because it broke soon. In the evening we made a campfire. After we woke up on Friday we had breakfast and we were all sad. We packed our bags and drove home where our parents waited. Thanks for the great class trip!

Line, Sarah, Laura, Tess, Tom

On the 6th of September the whole class went to Verchen by coach. All of us couldn’t wait to get there, when we arrived we first went to eat lunch. After that we were lead to our rooms. A few hours later we did a night-walk outside. Then we all went to bed. On the next day, we had breakfast at 8 o’clock. Around midday, we did a swamp expedition. We came back tired and exhausted. After dinner we played some games. On Wednesday we went to the Peene to go canoeing. It was really fun to paddle with friends. The time passed too quickly. In the evening the class went downstairs and we played games. After half an hour we went to our rooms because the party had to be prepared. Most of the girls were and their rooms and most of the boys were at the party. On the last day we built a raft. It was great to see what you can do together. The class trip was great and I’m happy that I was there.