The discussion of the school uniform day

Am Mittwoch, den 11.9.2013, gab es am GOA einen von Gerfried Gloyer angeregten und organisierten “School Uniform Day”. Es fand in der Klasse 6d eine ‘Assembly’ statt, wie sie an englischen Schulen praktiziert wird.

Gissou Kafaii, Schüler der 6d, berichtet darüber:

“On Wednesday last week we had a school uniform day in our school. In the English lesson we talked about the school uniform day for example how it was, was it unusual? It was a little bit like a discussion. So we listed the pros and cons and I want to relate what and how I think about that. When you wear a uniform you needn’t look for clothes and the personality is more important than the clothes. I find that’s natural because you cannot judge someone when you don’t know him. Uniforms are cheaper and you cannot see if someone is poor, that’s one of the most important points for me. You cannot show off with the uniforms and if you are lucky the uniforms can look good, but on the other hand it’s bad when you don’t like your uniform. Another aspect is money and I doubt that sometimes uniforms can be expensive, because I believe things for school should not be expensive. I find it is a part of school when you represent your school and when the state must buy uniforms for poor pupils, also when you show that you belong to the school. And then another reason why it is good to wear school uniforms: Sometimes a child bullies someone about his clothes, but in that case it can’t happen, because everyone wears the same clothes. In my opinion the school uniform day was a very good experience for me and for my class too and that’s the main point.”